Media Alert : NISA Match Forfeit and Postponement

Published Sep 8, 2023

CHICAGO (September 8, 2023) : The National Independent Soccer Association has updated the status of the following matches:


  • The September 10 match between Club de Lyon (CDL) and Flower City Union  (FCU) will not be played due to lack of approved venue availability. The match will be treated as a forfeit with FCU being awarded a 3-0 victory and three points on the table. The table will reflect this result at the end of the weekend when all NISA matches are completed.


  • The September 9 match between Savannah Clovers Football Club (SCFC) and Maryland Bobcats FC (MBFC) has been postponed due to an outbreak of COVID-19 within the MBFC roster. NISA will provide an updated date and time as soon as the information becomes available.

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